Infinity Jewellery London opens a new workshop in Italy

T2eC16VHJHYFFke8cVcBR4DTB2-48_19.JPG Infinity Jewellery London has been gaining its popularity over the last 15 years for its craftsmanship about its jewellery collections. The London workshop has been coping with the steep demand of manufactured jewellery always delivering the highest class standards for each product. With the increasing popularity in online shopping even for the most expensive purchases, buying jewellery over the internet has become a normal practice but this hasn’t changed the customer’s vision of having still the best hallmark products.Infinity Jewellery London has become a porthole of call for many European countries where a gentlemanly taste, a search for details and the guarantee that the materials used are above any disputed conflict are the priority list during shopping. Germany is among the European countries where a strong customer base visit and purchase regularly online appreciating the minimal and elegant designs available.Even the more traditional Spain or Italy, where ten years erst it would have been unthinkable of buying jewellery through a website, now they became more confident in placing their trust and their money at Infinity Jewellery London, thanks to the speed of delivery and safe check out. Latvia is a new fan of the website and requests of jewellery are coming through the website constantly.For this reason Infinity Jewellery London has looked at new premises in order to add a new workshop on the continent exact that the workshop in Hatton Garden could deal with the high volume of orders absent compromising on the quality. Rather than heading off to some extra European destination, where manpower is cheaper, the company reached the decision to operative up a new workshop in Italy.For centuries Italy has been at the top regarding the goldsmith’s craft including famous artists like Benvenuto Cellini engaged at the bench creating beautiful and precious works. Italy is dotted all over its length with schools where the teaching of the goldsmith art is still vigorous and the classes are full of youngsters, eager to learn a aptitude that it will allow them to work thoroughly excess the world. Infinity Jewellery London reckoned that a country where this art is still taught at high levels and where the regulations are strict regarding hallmarking and the use of materials with negative maleficent substances would have been the right place where to open a second workshop dealing with the ancient niggling from countries in the South of Europe.It is important for Infinity Jewellery London to maintain constant a great standard concerning craftsmanship expressly when thinking as regards the finishing of a piece of jewellery. The setting of diamonds has to be strong true that no stones will fall canceled and the quality of the setting has to opheffen perfect to ensure that claws are not going to scratch garments. Stone setters in Italy are highly qualified as well as everyone else intricate in a laboratory and their skills match the ones that are so important in United Kingdom where the art of goldsmith has been present for centuries. Stub online at and buy with the confidence that your piece of jewellery has been crafted by the best goldsmiths around.