Things to see and Do- Riga, Latvia!

latvia.gif Riga is capital of Latvia and it contains many tourist attractions, such as ‘Old town’, The House of Blackheads etc. This metropolis is also famous for its nightlife. It has plenty of options for shopping, dinning ampersand espy seeing. This city has something for everyone – whether you are happy to spend a honest amount of capital or are travelling on a tight budget, you will surely find something according to your requirements in the city.Rita GhettoRita Ghetto an interesting place to learn about the Jewish history in Latvia. It also has many memories of the atrocities that were committed by the Germans on the Jews.Gauja National ParkGauja national park is very different to different parks which you will see approximate Europe. It is very quite and calm and is still unspoiled.St Saviour’s ChurchIt was constructed in 1857 by the British and is made from red bricks. The confession was turned into a disco during the soviet rule. Today this church has developed a great following and is very popular with the tourist and locals alike.The Old City Walls and the Swedish Gate This is the oldest leftover portion of the Old Town “fort type” walls. The Swedish Gate dates back to 1698 to celebrate the Scandinavians’ occupation while the walls were built between the 13th and 16th centuries. The House of Blackheads It was first mentioned in 1334. It was originally a place for citizen gatherings. Riga counsil rented the main hall to the Blackhead Brotherhood – a union of young unmarried foreign merchants.Latvian War MuseumThis museum contains various evidences of the atrocities that were conducted on the commoners of this country when it was ruled by other rulers. The museum is the source of many controversies within the country.