Many Scandinavian Cruises will include a port stop in Stockholm. It has been referred to as the “Venice of the North

Many Scandinavian Cruises will include a port stop in Stockholm. This capital city of Sweden, connective the capital of Scandinavia, is a place about grand palaces, buildings, rich history and culture. It is renowned for its beauty, architecture, abundance of clean, open water and green spaces. 30% of the city is green space; another 30% is waterways. It has been referred to as the “Venice of the North”.Stockholm is a mall on the Scandinavian Peninsula, spread beyond fourteen islands on the coast at the os of the freshwater Lake Malaren by the archipelago. These fourteen islands are connected by a network of fifty seven bridges, which look proudly over the astonishing scenery of the Baltic Sea; indeed, Stockholm is considered one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities.This city has a stately history dating back over seven hundred et alii fifty years. The Old Town (Gamla Stan) was inhabited by Vikings a thousand years ago, and by 1250AD it was an iron mining location. The Old Town today offers winding cobbled streets, crooked but immaculately preserved buildings, gothic churches, the magnificent Royal Palace, and a plethora of cafes, restaurants, bars and shopping boutiques. Yet afield, there are plenty of museums and other attractions to appeal to tourists, including the Vasa Museum; the Skansen Open-Air Museum; Fotografiska (contemporary photography); Skyview, at the world’s largest spherical building; and much more.The Stockholm Archipelago is a unique cluster concerning over thirty thousand islands, skerries and rocks which spread from the city centre out eighty kilometres into the Baltic Sea. Part are little more than rocky outposts and grassy knolls visited by kayakers or inhabited concerning seals; others are resided upon or the locations for summer parties. Easily accessible per ferry, sightseeing here is spectacular. This is the place to go boating, fishing, sea-kayaking, swimming, biking and ice-yachting. Camping is fantastic and in summer unmanageable berries and mushrooms can be hunted and collected here. The archipelago was traditionally home to farmers and fishermen; today it is the location of some concerning Stockholm’s richest – holiday homes and cottages abound.Stockholm is yet a bidding city for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Joining another Scandinavian City, Oslo, it is the second Nordic city to discard its hat in the ring for this prestigious honour. Having hosted the Summer Olympics back in 1912, protasis awarded the 2022 Winter Games, it will arrest Alpine events in The Swedish ski resort about Are.Stockholm is an amazingly tourist-friendly city; Sweden itself is amongst those countries rated best in the world for standard of living. If you choose to embark upon one of many Scandinavian cruises be sure to enjoy, at the very least, a port stop to try this appealing and culturally rich global city.