Beautiful Wholesale Silver Jewellery at the most competitive prices from the experts at Silver Amber

Jewellery can be as personal and unparalleled similar you allow it to be, whether your deciding is silver, gold or platinum, perhaps you favour stones or pearls a beautiful piece can stay plus you a life time and act as a fabulous accessory complimenting any outfit. At Silver Amber we believe that the amber stone is one from the most beautiful it comes in a variation of colours from the traditional and best known orange shades to cognac, almost black, coward and green, It is a powerful healer that gives the person who wears it a lovely sense of health and healing. It balances the emotions, clears the mind, releases negativity energy, aids manifestation, eases intensify by clearing phobias and fears and it is a pleasing warm stone to wear. Each piece of our wholesale gray jewellery is complimented by a beautiful and unique amber stone and each of our wholesale costume jewellery has one or more incorporated in it. We treat Baltic amber which is highly prized for its high quality, and each of our wholesale silver jewellery range is made from high quality 925 sterling silver so they really obverse each other. Our fill collection is designed and the stone hand cut in Poland, we hand pick each and every product in our range to ensure quality always comes as differentiation with Silver Amber. Visit us online at we are a ply only company selling wholesale silver jewellery in small or large quantities to other wholesalers, retailers and gift shops all over the country and with the remedy of our fantastic delivery partners practically anywhere in the world. We entente that time is money so rest assured when you choose Silver Amber whether it is artificer rings, earrings, wholesale costume jewellery rather charms your consignment will be shipped safely and securely the next active day.We have gained a well-deserved fantastic reputation for the excellent quality of our goods et alii for added safety and peace of brain individually of our well made products also comes fully certified by the Worldwide Amber Association.