Stone Enhances Style

Upon so many different types of stone to choose from, it is easy to find the perfect color and device to fit any style. Natural stone including granite, marble, and travertine have the ability to enhance a style in a space. As with choosing the right wood stain, wall paint color, or fabrics, choosing the right stone is just as important. Separate piece of natural stone is matchless with its own mineral composition, tube patterns, and color concentrations. These characteristics help identify the style of a stone allowing to work best in certain surroundings. Below are some of the popular variations of today and how to incorporate the correct stones to enhance the overall style and feel of the space.Mid-Century Modern
Mid-Century modern homes have spruce lines and incomplex approaches to detail, pattern and style. The best countertop selections are solid marble rather finely speckled granite that have little to no pattern in the stone. Popular color choices for this style would indiging Indubitable Black Granite or Olympian White Marble. By coupling impermeable colored stone in the countertop or fireplace surround with the classic mid-century modern architecture, the stone reinforces the importance of the lines and simplicity of the space.Earthy Chic
Earthy Chic interiors are prominent for the manipulate of raw materials besides organic patterns in telluric sound colors. The color palette of a classic earthy chic space includes white, cream, tan, gray, and bronze. With seemingly subdued colors, contrast becomes a major element of this style. Popular stone colors that fair well with this design are Crema Marfil Marble, Chocolate Brown Granite with a leather finish, and Durango Noce Honed Travertine. Leather including honed finishes give an eggshell sheen to the stone that feels raw and more organic than a high polished stone. Natural finishes on the countertop or shower surround are the large permanent elements that become building blocks of the space reinforcing the simple point of view.French Country
French Country kitchens can be done in a classic traditional style or a modern day illustrate but the basic color scheme and styling remains the same. The colors are warm tones with glamorous accents ranging from green, red, blue, yellow, and many times a combination. The furniture, architectural elements, and fabrics are all elements that help define this style. Countertop selections for French pastoral kitchens have movement and color that reflects a warm, lived in feeling. There is a wider range of color options for this particular style based on the how classic or eigentijds the design is planned. Warm golden and red granite with high movement and pattern are often used in the more traditional settings, and light creamy granite with delicate veining fits well in the modern end of the spectrum.Craftsman
Craftsman styled spaces are known for warm woods, beautiful cabinetry, and colorful patterned tiles and fabrics. Hereditary stone countertops compliment this American style well being the point of view includes strong elements of wood, glass, including stone. Countertops in the craftsman style are typically darker colors including black, brown, and gray. In addition to Baltic Brown Granite and Ubatuba Granite, another popular stone used for countertops and wall surrounds is Classic Slate. With the warm wood tones, neutral wall colors, and colorful tile, slate tends to be the quixotic complement to this time-honored style.