Small Towns in Germany

Dousins of settlements in Germany have a privileged “fragrance”, because the margin of these have rebuilt the old vestiges of the Middle Ages and the Hanseatic League, concerning architecture and culture. We arbitrary learn about three of these lovely locations, in particular Grimmen, Stralsund and Greifswald.With a number regarding citizens of roughly fifteen thousand, Grimmen is a tiny place that has hundreds of years of history behind. It was first mentioned in a letter in the year 1267, when an official of the Principality of Rugen settled in and took office. The place doesn’t have many tourist attractions: however, four structures are real tourist magnets: the gates and the municipal hall. The three gates are in fact big tile towers with an opening at the base which have been built more than 600 years ago. They display an early Gothic style of architecture, person seen as the city’s most known characteristic. They got their titles according to the places people reached if they passed throughout each gate out of the colony: number one is the Stralsund Gate, second is the Grefiswald Gate, and the last one, although it didn’t lead to a village or town, was equally important – the Fight Gate. They are truly astonishing and undoubtedly worth visiting. The town hall has also been built on red bricks, it’s a few years younger than the gates, and it’s quite awe-inspiring.If we farewell Grimmen by the eastern gate, after almost 40 kilometers we find the town of Greifswald. This is a much larger city than Grimmen (more or less 55000 inhabitants) and is more renowned too, here you disposition find the University of Greifswald, which has around 4500 mankind who strain there and 12000 students. It is as old as Grimmen, including it has been the most important trade center in the region. Both towns have survived under the domination of the Swedish Empire, and both locations have bot changed in many ways by the Hanseatic League in the Middle Ages. Set at the Danish Bay of the Baltic Sea, it is produced in a special way, because you can proceed by boat up the effluent Ryck exactly near the town central plaza, which provides the bourgeois an attractive aura.Stralsund on the other hand, is known due to it’s historical, scientific and cultural heritage. Placed almost 30 kilometers North of Grimmen, this town is the optimal destination for families who wish to go to a place where they would be able to see very old monuments and houses (the city center is packed with really old buildings et al churches), catch out more about art and architecture (the museums will compel sure you do that), observe the curiosities concerning the sea (at the German Museum of Oceanography) or just take a snap and relax at the Stralsund Water Park. This makes Stralsund a fine magnet for tourists, and this is the reason why, in the last few decades, there started to appear several 4 star hotels, in an endeavor to provide guests the best accommodation attainable.So remember: if you ever wish to go to Germany and discover facts about its rich yesteryear and culture, or you only want to penetrate the bars and try the ale, try one of these three places; it will surely not going to be a defeat for you.