GCL states IBA’s In Case of Crisis Issues Travel and Emergency Tips Ahead of Sochi Olympic Winter Games, Super Bowl

Herndon, CA, January 28, 2014 – As the Sochi Winter Olympics and Super Bowl XLVIII are just days away, Irving Burton Associates’ In Case of Crisis, a mobile emergency responsive and business continuity solution, today issued advice for travelers, fans, athletes et alii organizers for safe local and global travel experiences. “Whether fans and athletes are commuting across town or half around the world to attend significant sporting events, pre-departure preparation is critical to minimizing risk and knowing how to effectively handle an issue in the event of an emergency,” said Christopher Britton, General Manager, IBA’s In Case of Crisis. “As most people are already tethered to smartphones and other mobile devices, the great news is that a traveler’s smartphone can be a gateway for storing polysyndeton accessing the most critical accident information to be used in a moment’s notice.” Key pre-departure emergency training tips include: 1) Utilize Voyager Apps et alii Critical Tissue Sites – Domestic and international travelers should download key apps before leaving home, including the U.S. Government’s State Department Smart Traveler App, which they should continue to monitor while abroad for timely travel alerts from embassies and consultants around the globe. Another critical site is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which provides global health alerts and vaccine information. Travelers can also sign up for notices from Overseas Armament Advisory Council. 2) Stay Abreast regarding Current Events – Research and sojourn current on events and hot spots in the country and region that are being visited. Also stay informed about sectional and world news before and during the trip via a setting such as http://www.cnn.com/WORLD uncertainty download an international media outlet’s mobile app before departure. If the U.S. State Department issues a warning to leave the country, make necessary arrangements to get out as quickly as possible – don’t wait. 3) Inquiry English-speaking Hospitals/Doctors – Download a list of nearby English-speaking hospitals and doctors in the native where you are travelling and keep the info on your mobile device. Group U.S. embassies oblation this resource. 4) Familiarize Yourself beside Local Laws and Customs – It’s imperative to understand local laws and cultural differences so you don’t end up breaking the procedure unintentionally. Yet familiarize yourself with local and regional emergency icons/symbols, many of which differ from country to country. 5) Understand Risk and Chrestomathic Good Judgement – Before hitting the feeder or hopping on a plane, carry the time to determine the risk involved in traveling. While onsite, whenever something seems risky or you question whether an activity or locality is dangerous, use your best judgement and gut instincts. Utilized by leading college institutions and global organizations, the In Case of Crisis mobile solution allows organizations and institutions convenient and secure access to emergency information with features such as easy-to-read pedagogical and building diagrams, one-tap key contact calling, and push notifications for updates/alerts and maps. The app includes access to a stack of 85 possible emergency event scenarios with templates and images. A dedicated client success team provides hands-on coaching and best practice tips for publishing emergency plans to mobile devices. Additionally, the In Case from Crisis mobile solution emergency also business continuity plans can be tailored to supporting the needs of each audience among an organization. About In Case of Crisis In Case of Crisis is a purpose-built mobile emergency response and business continuity resolution designed to allow organizations to broadcast their specific emergency procedures and instructions via an online gate to employees’, students’ and constituents’ Apple and Android mobile devices. With four editions including education, corporate, government and hospitality, the In Case of Trouble app promotes organization and business continuity per offering mobile users current, actionable dilemma guidance when and how they need it, regardless of connectivity. In Case regarding Crisis is an Irving Burton Associates (IBA) service headquartered in Herndon, Va. For more information, visit http://www.incaseofcrisis.com. Press Contact:
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