Mirik Lake Darjeeling a travel destination extraordinaire

They say, Darjeeling is the Switzerland of the east and unite could safely say that the heart of this beautiful place must be the Mirik lake Darjeeling, which is a tourist reward really. Varied people would tend to describe Mirik lacustral Darjeeling as a nest that is surrounded by hills and the lake reflects the beauty of the surrounding region. A short 49 kms from Darjeeling and you’re transported to this marvellous location where the heaven is reflected on the vast expanse of the lake.The lake is almost 1.25kms long and received a perennial supply of water concerning many streams. And is surrounded a cover of japonica trees on totality sides and makes the distant beauty of the Kanchenjunga even more enchanting. One can stroll along the banks of this lake or sit engrossed in the glory like the sheer expanse of the lake spil some people might be enjoying a boat ride there. This hill resort located at an altitude of about 1800 metres is a must see destination for people who come to polar Bengal and particularly to Darjeeling.Every tour operator vessel organise a errand to Mirik pond DarjeelingThe position has a terribly small people of around 15000 people, is a quiet destination, when people want to pity one with nature in pristine surroundings. As a rubberneck destination it is very expedient to attain because it is very well connected to all the important places on the tourist map. This small sleepy location nestled in the hills is such a pleasure to visit any time of the annual and globetrotter usually make it a point not to miss this place. In Darjeeling town, one container usually find a lot of information on visiting Mirik Lake Darjeeling and you can easily contact a tour operator to endure a round trip at a nominal cost.The journey from Darjeeling burg itself is a pleasurable exercise, because of the somewhat picturesque route the drive takes you on. The two and half hour ride is a magic journey in itself when you amount Ghoom that will take you through Sukhiapokhri and then onward to Mirik Lake Darjeeling. As you gently tempest your way through the many tea gardens in the area and you snake your way to your goal every moment seems like a magical journey. on the way perhaps you’ll stop over at the famous Salamander farm at Jorpokhri, spent a few proceedings at the restaurant here and refresh yourself with a delightful hot cup from Darjeeling tea and you can be on your way. From here you’ll reptile your way again to near the Pashupati market that borders Nepal and then onto the famous Mirik Lake Darjeeling about 12 kms from there.The moment you set eyes on the Mirik Lake Darjeeling, you can help but exclaim in delight at the stupendous beauty that beckons you. The shimmering waters, the distant shores and the quaint footbridge, it’s something that you should see to believe.sit on the banks, relax rather make your way into the other side of the lake to the Dhupi forest.eat the tasty food at the many small restaurants and snack bars here. The entire experience is unforgettable and once you have visited this place, you’ll be touched by the charm and tell others to stay too.