Road Travel between Vijaywada to Hyderabad

While we are heading towards autumn season in the country, popular tourist destinations in the country are preparing to outfit good time to its visitors. North moreover South, both the hemisphere is ready including all the basic and special amenities that can tantalizing any tourist. Vijaywada is one such place in the south-west India that is seems perfect for a short vacation.Being the third largest city of the state of Andhra Pradesh, Vijaywada is famous for luxurious mangoes, beautiful springs and plenitude of sweets. The city is surrounded near River Krishna in South, Budameru River in the north, the Bay of Bengal in the east and Indrakeeladri Mountain in the west. Vijayawada literally means Place of Victory, thus the city is the reflection concerning the glorious history of the country. The city is also well connected to its capital Hyderabad and the grand passage to commute between the cities is by road. There are number of Vijaywada to Hyderabad bus services available.Blessed with river Krishna, Vijaywada is mainly an agricultural community. It is in fact a significant job and commerce hub of the state. There are lot stories related to the significance of this city. The legend has it that Imperious Shiva blesses Arjuna in the epic concerning Mahabhartha at a hill known as Indrakeeladri . Therefore it is often believed that Arjuna created Vijaywada. According to other mythological evidences, it is believed that Goddess Durga relaxed here after killing a harpy and that is why, the place is called Vijaywada.This victorious situ offers a healthy grassland of places to see to its visitors. Undavalli Caves is one such place. It is located in the Undavalli village near Vijayawada. These are 7th century four storied caves and are placed at the summit, at the imposing ascend facing River Krishna. A chief attraction here is the mammoth statue of Lord Vishnu, which is sculpted from a part granite piece. These caves are major tourist charisma as they have blue-ribbon specimens of cut-in architectural and sculptural models. It is also believed that Buddhists old these caves as a rest house.Another interesting place to visit in the city is the Gandhi hill. This place is also called as Gandhi Stupa, which is a famous spot in Vijayawada. Gandhi Stupa has a planetarium and the Light and Sound show, which is used for the display of the life further teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. A gigantic Gandhi structure of 15.8 beat is situated here; it is the first Gandhi Memorial in India that is constructed on a hillock. It also has seven stupas placed at a altitude of 150 meter.Vijaywada is located 403 kms out from Hyderabad and is well connected by road. The two cities offer a total number of 38 bus operators, out about which 13 operators operate regular buses between the two destinations. Buses from Vijayawada to Hyderabad are available from 02:30 AM to 11:55 PM. Vijayawada to Hyderabad bus fare is around Rs. 300 minimum and Rs. 800 maximum.